Henry was the closest person to him, now he learns about the lies and deception!

Following the aftermath of the Belltress Incident a case of mistaken identity becomes even more intriguing when a series of crimes take place in the same street, leading police on a Sydney-wide investigation to find the culprits and bring them to justice.

PK was supposed to keep an eye on Natalie but taking her in an up-market Belrose house was a big mistake.

From his jail cell, disgraced ASIO agent Brian Allan contacts an old ally. What is he up to, and is it mutually beneficial?

Henry’s past is coming back to haunt him. Where is Susan and what is he hiding from Benjamin?

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A fire at a disused world War II bunker in Belltrees sets off a train of events that causes disturbance after disturbance in the small community, involving a myriad of characters from dogs and children to the “subjects” of secret experiments.

Sydney detectives Walker and Spencer join a police taskforce and work diligently to solve the mysteries that surround the events at the Belltrees bunker. Susans, daughter of an ASIO agent initially thought to be an innocent victim, ends up being potentially the worse villain.

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When a body is found in Central Park in Sydney in what appears to be backyard surgery gone wrong, Maggie Freeman’s troubles are only just beginning.

It appears as though Richard has something to do with the murder, at least he has been acting strange, though Maggie herself admits that her friendship with Richard is “anything but normal.”

What follows is an intense police investigation into the murder. Meanwhile Maggie is being followed …..

Who is the killer and what do they want with her?

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