The Belltrees Incident – Book Review

A reader of my book The Belltrees Incident sent me this review. Thank you Joe.

I enjoyed the book. Once I started the suspense kept me reading more and I couldn’t put it down. I would recommend it to anyone who likes reading mystery thrillers.

Joe Reiss, NSW Australia


Book Review

A reader of my book The Belltrees Incident emailed me this favourable review. Thank you Micheline.

Pleased that the style of the writing was not pedantic, it was enjoyable to read and included engaging segments to help the reader visualise the scenes. Introducing chapters from the radio program broadcaster was clever and lightened the mood in the middle of dark moments of the story. 

I also appreciated the length of the book, making it easier to read and not waiting too long before some mysteries were uncovered. Kept me in suspense until the final chapters to reveal the contents of Dr Marinov’s box, and of course, not revealing the fate of some protagonists, such as Susan!… 

If there is a sequel, I’ll be reading it for sure. 



One of my readers who does not have access to social media emailed me this favourable review. Thank you Barbara

Enjoyed reading your latest book “The Belltrees Incident”. I found your book an easy read because you skillfully told an interesting story with an economy of words with each chapter cleverly disclosing an extra clue or detail which kept me turning the page. I cannot wait for your next book. Barbara